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  • September 22nd Hollywood Premiere, Thursday 6 & 8 pm at the Skirball Cultural Center, 2701 N.Sepulveda Blvd Los Angeles, Tickets $8 to $12, 877-700-7133

  • July Live Interview with KMZT radio station Los Angeles, California.
    (date & time to be announced)
  • June 26th Appearance before screening at Mens Club Event Ahavath Shalom Synagogue Fort Worth,Texas
  • May 7th, 10am-12pm Lecturing on screen writing and Indie Filmmaking at Kellers Writers Group- Keller Public Library, Keller Texas
  • April 27, 6:45pm to 10pm Speaking at L.A. Final Cut Users Group- Show & Tell Night. Previewing trailer with 10 min talk- Gallery Theater 4800 Hollywood Blvd- Hollywood, California.


Dan Spigel, Producer of "House of the Generals," Max Glaubin, Child smuggler of the Warsaw Ghetto, and Harriet P.Gross, News Columnist stand in front of the Memorial Park of Memories. The Memorial is for the 6 million who perished during the Holocaust. The Martyrdom of these sacred souls is something we can not forget. Mr. Spigel says, "There are many stories of the Holocaust and they are all important." His film "House of the Generals" is a Ukrainian Jewish family saga proves that stories are part of a never ending perspective. It portrays the strength of the human spirit and keenly reminds us of our hope; Israel. The film has been called "A European Gone With The Wind." The California Premiere will be the night of September 22 at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.



Independant film maker, Dan Spigel, and his Russian WWII tank crew have their tracks headed West - toward Hollywood! Their feature film, House Of The Generals, is being shot in and around Dallas, Texas. The epic film about Revolution, Love and War is proceeding according to battle plan. Spigel states, "We set our gun sights high in making this film for under a million dollars. I admit we have suffered a few casualties, but our heavy artillery has been new technology. The walls of Hollywood are starting to crack! At first we were surrounded by people who said it couldn't be done - you can't make Texas look like Russia. We were shot at with that kind of flak. But we never retreated and never even thought about giving up. Today, when I hear that kind of talk, I just say, 'Nuts!'" Mr. Spigel's advice to future film makers: "Keep your guns aimed high! I'll see you at the awards!"



Dallas, Texas, -- October 4, 1999 Ė This weekend, actors from all over the metroplex gathered at the historic Desco Mansion of Preston Hollow to begin shooting the epic film, House of the Generals. "I am thrilled to have the film off to a successful start," said Director, Dan Spigel. "I am very close to this project, as it is a historical representation of the Nazi invasion on Russian Jews. Their story has not been told, and we are here to tell it." The film brings to life the Kharacter family, showing their frantic attempt to escape as the Naziís invade Russia. 600,000 Ukrainian Jews perished at the hands of Hitler and Stalin, leaving behind a trail of hopeless desperation. House of the Generals poignantly shows how the Jews were betrayed by their peers. The film shows the hope of the Kharacter family as their attempts to flee lead them to love and loss. Spigel stated that he searched throughout the metroplex for a cast and crew that would bring this part of history to life on screen. Veteran actor, Grant James, is featured as "Herschel Kharacter", the patriarch of the Kharacter family. James also co-wrote the screen play with Spigel. This weekendís filming schedule also brought Los Angeles based Shalom Sherman, renowned actor and performer, to Texas for a cameo appearance in the film. Shooting is scheduled to continue in Dallas, as well as other locations within Texas. Other actors from the metroplex include Michelle Irving of Lewisville, Jack Foltyn of Plano, and Bill Kent of Richardson, all in supporting roles.

Dan Spigel and Grant James

Press Release: Holocaust Survivor Journeys Back In Time
Mike Jacobs stands along side the cattle car that transported him and his fellow Polish Jews to the Concentration Camps. A step back in time for the young Polish boy known as Mendel Jakubowicz whose end of the line was Auschwitz. Today, he delivers line in the movie House of the Generals where he gives harrowing radio announcements about the Nazi invasion of Russia. A film wrtten and directed by Dan Spigel. Mr. Spigel says " we are not doing a Sophies Choice or Schindlers List. It is an epic journey about the first half of the 20th century. Based on a true story, love and war through the eyes of Ukrainian Jews." Film entirely in Texas. Mr. Spigel says "We are doing some scattering to make Texas look like Russia. As an low budget independent film maker, I Believe its not another Jessie James meets Frankenstein movie." The same feelings is shared by cast member Peter Sanders whose family has won four Oscars and Received Three academy award nominations. (Press Release Photo Attached )(Permission Granted For News Publication Dan Spigel 214/691-5084

Mike Jacobs

Dallas, Texas, -- December 3, 1999 Ė Louis Pollaro is a master at making dreams come true. His collaborative effort with Ganya Film Productions on the epic film HOUSE OF THE GENERALS has brought to life the harrowing story of one familyís attempts to escape war torn Russia during World War II. Pollaro, owner of Film in Texas Productions, has been working on the film since August of this year. He indicated that it was chance that brought he and Spigel together, but he has been committed to the project ever since. "I was drawn to the project by Danís enthusiasm", Pollaro said, "Since we have gone into production, the cast and crew have shared the same enthusiasm and excitement. This is not your typical film crew. Everyone is pitching in and helping. We have a lot of fresh faces and many see this as an opportunity." With Pollaro behind the camera, it is an opportunity. Pollaro boasts many credits to his name, including a special with the popular rock group, Bon Jovi. He also shot the feature film, Shield of Justice and provided film animation for the Miss Texas Pageant, just to name a few. Adding his professional experience and artistic flare, Pollaro has been an incredible asset to HOUSE OF THE GENERALS. HOUSE OF THE GENERALS is an epic film about the lives of the Kharacter family as they attempt to escape the Nazi invasion on Russia. The film is based on Spigelís family and their struggles during World War II. Yet, the film is not your typical Hollywood war story. Based on historical events, the film takes on a personal note as it leads the audience through love, loss and a dramatic point of redemption. "I am fortunate to have found Louis", said Spigel, "I have dreamed of making this film for years and have worked long and hard to make this dream a reality. Louis has been an important part of that and I am amazed every day as he makes my family come to life on film. I only know my family through the stories told to me by my mother, who is a Holocaust survivor. That is why it is so important that the characters are not lost within the story of the war, yet seen as individuals who experienced joy along with their pain and loss." Using his keen eye and attention to detail, Pollaro has brought those human touches to the screen. As he lines up the next shot, Pollaro shrugs off the compliment. "The glamour of film has not worn off on me, either. This is the type of production I like to be in, and working together we all make the dream a reality". For now, Pollaro has one hand on the camera, and the other one reaching for the stars.
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